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neck and neck (not comparable)

  1. very close in progress, as in a race or contest
    The polls suggest that the candidates were neck and neck in the election.
    • 1779, Charles Macklin, Love à-la-mode, etc., page 20:
      It lay between me and Dick Riot madam; we were neck and neck for three miles, as hard as we could lay leg to ground, and running every inch, but at the first, I felt for him, found I had the foot []
    • 1825 November, “Sporting Intelligence”, in Sporting Magazine, number 98, page 45:
      Mr. Prendergast's Rainbow filly, watched closely by Paul Jones, took the lead, and they ran almost neck and neck until near the cords, when Paul Jones made a rush, and came home by a length.
    • 1960 July, Trains Illustrated, page 410, photo caption:
      Passing Iver, W.R. 4-6-0 No. 1012 County of Denbigh on the up "Capitals United Express" runs neck-and-neck with a parcels train headed by 4-6-0 No. 6821 Leaton Grange.
    Synonym: nip and tuck


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