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Alternative forms[edit]


Cognate to German Notfeuer.


need-fire (plural need-fires)

  1. (paganism) A ritual fire created by friction.


  • 1993 Our Troth, by Ring of Troth and other true folk, The Ring of Troth, ISBN 0-9623957-8-1, page 660.
    Fire - divided into need-fire (kindled by friction - discussed under 'Waluburg's Night') and 'struck fire' (sparked by flint and steel - discussion under Thonar).
  • 1998 Lina volume 2 issue 3 (Heathen Journal), Kindling in the Yuletide, Darien Hamilton.
    I built up the kindling in various stages in the base of the stove as I prepared to make my need-fire.
  • 2003 The Runes of Elfland, Brian Froud & Ari Berk, Pavillion Books, ISBN 1 86205 647 1, page 51.
    When great pestilence is upon the land, old folklore tells of using a bow drill to make the need-fire, which is then used to cure cattle of their illess.