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Alternative forms[edit]


neo- +‎ pronoun


neopronoun (plural neopronouns)

  1. A pronoun used in place of he, she, or singular they, especially one of the modern coinages used by some non-binary people.
    • 2018, Matthew J. Metzger, Life Underwater, NineStar Press, LLC, →ISBN:
      Only—Ashraf didn't know any Italian neopronouns. He'd left Italy when he was barely out himself, and far too upset and raw to mix with other trans people. He'd never met an Italian speaker who used neutral or neopronouns, []
    • 2018, Lee Airton, Gender: Your Guide: A Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture, Adams Media, →ISBN, page 103:
      However, neopronouns also come with a disadvantage: they unavoidably stand out whenever they're used because relatively few people have ever heard these words before.
    • 2019, Morgan Lev Edward Holleb, The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality: From Ace to Ze, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, →ISBN, page 184:
      NEOPRONOUNS — “New” pronouns, as opposed to the more traditional he/him, she/her, and they/them. In this book I've included several neopronouns in the entry on PRONOUNS, but that list is not exhaustive. []


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