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From nether- +‎ wear.


netherwear (usually uncountable, plural netherwears)

  1. Clothing worn underneath; underwear; nethergarments.
    • 1987, Michael Barthorp, Pierre Turner, The British Army on Campaign:
      The campaign obviously caused havoc with the soldiers' netherwear, [...]
    • 2000, M. J. Trow, Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince:
      'I see. Well, I wonder if I might ask you a very big favour.' 'You might, Mr ... er ...' 'Acheson,' the salesman aid. 'Bless you,' said Lestrade. 'What favour?' 'Well, I'm in ladies' netherwear ...' Acheson confessed.
    • 2003, Mike Chappell, The British Army in World War I:
      In Scottish regiments the Glengarry bonnet was worn by all, while the highland regiments still maintained the kilt as a suitable netherwear for active service.
    • 2008, Outlook Traveller:
      [...] spas where you take off your bra but wear disposable netherwear; [...]