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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of Net +‎ citizen


netizen (plural netizens)

  1. (Internet) A member of the community of Internet users.
    Synonyms: Internet user, cybercitizen, cybernaut, internauta
    • 2001, David Crystal, “A linguistic perspective”, in Language and the Internet[1], Cambridge: The Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, published 2002, →ISBN, →OCLC, page 17:
      Do we have to learn a new kind of language — ‘Netspeak’, as I shall call it — in order to be a netizen?
    • 2012 January 19, Johnathan Weisman, “Web Rises Up To Deflect Bills Seen as Threat”, in The New York Times[2], archived from the original on 19 January 2012, page A1:
      It appeared by Wednesday evening that Congress would follow Bank of America, Netflix and Verizon as the latest institution to change course in the face of a netizen revolt.
    • 2020 January 21, Katyanna Quach, “How a Kaggle Grandmaster cheated in $25,000 AI contest with hidden code – and was fired from dream SV job”, in The Register[3], archived from the original on 23 January 2020:
      A $25,000 (£19,000) prize pool was established to reward the best solutions, and the competition was hosted on Kaggle – a Google-owned platform used by more than a million netizens to build AI models, find and share datasets, and collaborate with fellow Kagglers.

Derived terms[edit]





From English netizen.


netizen (first-person possessive netizenku, second-person possessive netizenmu, third-person possessive netizennya)

  1. synonym of warganet (netizen).

Further reading[edit]



Borrowed from English netizen.


netizen m

  1. netizen
    Synonym: cybercitizen
    • 2020 September 29, Raimondo Bultrini, “Amnesty lascia l'India: "Trattati come criminali. Da governo, caccia alle streghe" [Amnesty leaves India: "Treated like criminals. From the government, witchhunt"]”, in la Repubblica[4]:
      Amnesty non è la sola a subire la pressione di un esecutivo supportato da decine di migliaia di post di netizen veri o fasulli creati dalla "Cellula IT" del Partito di maggioranza Bjp per diffamare ogni forma di opposizione.
      Amnesty is not alone in being pressured by an executive supported by tens of thousands of posts by real or bogus netizens created by the "IT Cell" of the majority BJP Party to defame all forms of opposition.