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From the Ancient Greek νεῦρα (neûra), the nominative plural form of νεῦρον (neûron), whence neuron.




  1. (rare) plural form of neuron
    • 1905: Eugene Solomon Talbot, Developmental Pathology, pages 7⁽¹⁾ and 8⁽²⁾
      ⁽¹⁾ Some investigations have shown that the slightest injuries to nerve cells or neura will give rise to easily demonstrable degenerative lesions in other parts of the cell.
      ⁽²⁾ Certain groups of neura are more susceptible than others to a given toxication.
    • 1913: Eugene Solomon Talbot, Interstitial Gingivitis and Pyorrhœa Alveolaris, page 273 (Ransom & Randolph Co.)
      In Wollenberg’s opinion the primary type of disease of the sensory neura in tabes is of this kind.
    • 1998, June 1st: Warner S. Bloomberg, alt.gathering.rainbow (Google group): Yes. Love. (was Rainbow’s Views…), 8:00am
      To be rendered impotent by sadness that cripples is allowing revenge to seep into one’s own neura (sic: nerves).