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nicotine +‎ -ism


nicotinism (uncountable)

  1. nicotine poisoning (especially as a result of tobacco use)
    • 1881, Nervous Diseases: Their Description and Treatment[1], page 441:
      Some authors, among them Taylor, and Woodman and Tidy hold that it is dilated in acute poisoning, while Pereira and Bartholow, say contracted, but in chronic nicotinism it is usually dilated.
    • 1892, Henry Munson Lyman, A Text-book of the Principles and Practice of Medicine[2], page 689:
      Chronic nicotinism is usually experienced by those who smoke cigars, and by cigarmakers who are continually handling tobacco.
    • 2008, Richard J. Lewis, Sr., Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference:
      "Nicotinism," poisoning by nicotine, is characterized by stimulation and subsequent depression of the central and autonomic nervous systems.
  2. Addiction to nicotine.
    • 1896 August 1, H. M. Ochiltree, “Tobacco from an esthetic and hygienic point of view”, in American Journal of Dental Science, volume 30, number 4:
      Of the means of relief adopted for the cure of nicotinism, abandonment of the cause will bring about recovery in most cases without any medication
    • 1918 February 2, James L. Tracy, “The psychological, physiological, and pharmacological basis of nicotinism, alcoholism, and morphinism”, in New York Medical Journal[3], volume 107:
      The grandeur intoxication prompts the customary good natured obtrusion of the practice of nicotinism in to the presence of others.
    • 2010, Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience[4], page 503:
      The common genetic background to nicotinism and alcoholism could involve a number of neurotransmitter systems in the brain, since both drugs have a rich pharmacology.

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