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nicotine +‎ -ist


nicotinist (plural nicotinists)

  1. (obsolete, rare) One who is addicted to nicotine, the alkaloid found in tobacco.
    • 1879 July 1, The North Middlesex Magazine[1], page 15:
      Nicotinists. Smokers, it is said, are invariably polite to each other, wheresoever they be–on the penny steamboat, the two-penny tramcar, the three-penny bus, and elsewhere.
    • 1914, “Our Tobacco: Its Cost”, in The Unpopular Review[2], volume 1, page 159:
      Indeed, it seems very probable that in many cases smoking is done, not because of the real enjoyment which comes from the practice, but because it has become a habit which the nicotinist cannot break himself of.
    • 1915, John Horace McFarland, My Growing Garden[3], page 26:
      That I usually buy and sow two to ten times as many kinds and plants as I can at all find room for is no sort of fault or harm, for I can give away plants even more happily than the nicotinist gives away a cigar, and with as much heartwarming thankfulness coming my way.

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