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nilla (plural nillas)

  1. Clipping of vanilla.
  2. (pejorative, ethnic slur) a white person
    • 2003, K. Broussard, What Looks Like Black, page 124
      Getting with her would be just like fucking a white girl and I don't want no 'nilla
    • 2003, Patricia Haley, Patricia Haley-Brown, Blind Faith, page 222
      Yeah, Nilla, I like that." Sebastian was humored and enjoyed Jamal's free spirit, but had no intention of endorsing the new name he had been given, beyond the confines of this Buick.
    • 2004, Tor Kung, My Mother Taught Me, page 184
      Get water for him Nilla so he can wash her cunt, and make her ready to receive me. NOW. Commence.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Sometimes used as an alternative to or bowdlerization for nigga when a white person is involved.