all in

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Alternative forms[edit]


all in (not comparable)

  1. Very tired.
    • Aldo Leopold
      By half past seven we were both pretty nearly all in, and wet from innumerable fordings of the river, so we stopped and boiled some hot water with the sugar left over from lunch.
    • 1955, Rex Stout, "The Next Witness", in Three Witnesses, October 1994 Bantam edition, →ISBN, page 51;
      Either the celebrated lilt of her voice was born in, or she had used it so much and so long that it might as well have been. She looked all in, no doubt of that, but the lilt was there.
  2. (chiefly Britain) With everything included.
  3. (poker) Being without any further stake to wager, but remaining active in a hand
    By betting his last $100, John was all in.




all in (plural all ins)

  1. (poker) A hand where at least one player bets all of his or her chips.
  2. (poker) A player who is all in.
    Since she was against an all in, Jill had no reason to bet.