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no human involved (not comparable)

  1. (slang) Term used by police to describe or reference crimes committed against people deemed undesirable or unfit for civilized society, such as those with criminal records, sex workers, drug addicts, and/or transients.
    • 2003, John Lescroart, The Oath, Chapter 37:
      He was not working with what the police facetiously call a no-humans-involved case, where everyone involved whether as witness or suspect already has a substantial criminal record.
    • 2008, Linda Fairstein, Killer Heat, page 191:
      Cops closed them all with a code: NHI. The unsolved crimes had been back-burnered until a reporter revealed that the letters stamped on the police files were shorthand for No Human Involved.
    • 2010, Martha C. Lawrence, Pisces Rising, page 33:
      I remembered Ed's offensive remark—“No human involved in that first murder anyway”—and tried to keep the disdain off my face.
    Synonym: NHI (acronym)