nobody's perfect

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nobody's perfect

  1. Used when someone's mistakes or flaws are acknowledged, to remind that everyone else makes mistakes and has flaws.
    • 1958, Some Like It Hot, film by Billy Wilder, starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe.
      When Jerry (Jack Lemmon) disguised as "Daphne" tries to fend off Osgood Fielding's insistent proposals of marriage with one excuse after another with no success, he finally yanks off his wig wig and shouts, "I'm a man!" to which Osgood amiably replies, Well, nobody's perfect.
    • 1995, New York Magazine Vol. 28, No. 5, 30 January 1995, The de-moralization of society (Book Review)
      Hypocrisy, particularly in sexual matters, is excused on the grounds that hey, nobody's perfect, and at least folks back then felt bad enough to lie.
    • 2000, Madonna, Nobody's Perfect
      I feel so sad. What I did wasn't right. I feel so bad and I must say to you: Sorry, but nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfect. What did you expect? I'm doing my best