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Transliteration of Ancient Greek νόμισμα (nómisma).

Per Oxford Dictionary, the Online Etymology Dictionary, and Merriam Webster, money or currency, from Ancient Greek νόμισμα (nómisma), for current money, coin, usage, lit. "what has been sanctioned by custom or use," from νομίζειν (nomízein), to use customarily, itself from νόμος (nómos), usage or custom, omitting -ίζειν) and adding -ισμα.[1][2][3]

Related to French numismatique, from Late Latin numisma, numismatis (coin), variant of Latin nomisma, as noted, from Ancient Greek νόμισμα.



nomisma (plural nomismata)

  1. money[2] or currency (modern).
  2. coinage, esp. with connotation as a means to control a monetary system (rare).[2]
  3. current coin of a state (ancient).
  4. (rare) Coinage, a monetary system.
  5. (archaic) A byzant.[2]
  6. A stamp, an image on a coin.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Per Oxford Dictionary, earliest use by William Camden, so early 17th century.[2]
  • 1997, John Julius Norwich, A Short History of Byzantium, Penguin 1998, p. 262
    For a quarter-century after, this decline continued, to the point where six different nomismata, of as many metals, were in circulation.
  • Prud. στεφ. 2, 95 Archimedes Project, Harvard University
    en Caesar agnoscit suum Nomisma nummis inditum

Related terms[edit]

See numismatics (via numisma), and other derived and related terms there.

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek νόμισμα (nómisma, coin; currency).



nomisma n (genitive nomismatis); third declension

  1. coin; coinage


Third declension neuter.

Case Singular Plural
nominative nomisma nomismata
genitive nomismatis nomismatum
dative nomismatī nomismatibus
accusative nomisma nomismata
ablative nomismate nomismatibus
vocative nomisma nomismata