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From pecū (cattle).


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /peˈkuː.ni.a/, [pɛˈkuː.ni.a]
  • (file)


pecūnia f (genitive pecūniae); first declension

  1. money
    Si pecuniam haberem, panem emerem.
    If I had money, I would buy bread.
    Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabris, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
    I have a catapult. Give me all of your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head.
  2. wealth
  3. (figuratively) cash, ready money, liquid wealth


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative pecūnia pecūniae
Genitive pecūniae pecūniārum
Dative pecūniae pecūniīs
Accusative pecūniam pecūniās
Ablative pecūniā pecūniīs
Vocative pecūnia pecūniae

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    • to contribute alms: stipem (pecuniam) conferre
    • to squander one's money, one's patrimony: effundere, profundere pecuniam, patrimonium
    • to leave money to a person in one's will: pecuniam alicui legare
    • much money: pecunia magna, grandis (multum pecuniae)
    • little money: pecunia exigua or tenuis
    • cash; ready money: pecunia praesens (vid. sect. V. 9, note Notice too...) or numerata
    • to spend money: pecuniam erogare (in classem)
    • to devote money to a purpose: pecuniam insumere in aliquid or consumere in aliqua re
    • to pay cash: pecuniam numerare alicui (Att. 16. 16)
    • to pay money: pecuniam solvere
    • to owe some one money: pecuniam alicui debere
    • to lend some one money (without interest): pecuniam alicui credere (sine fenore, usuris)
    • to lend, borrow money at interest: pecuniam fenori (fenore) alicui dare, accipere ab aliquo
    • to put out money at interest: pecuniam fenore occupare (Flacc. 21. 54)
    • to put money in an undertaking: pecuniam collocare in aliqua re
    • the money is bringing in no interest, lies idle: pecunia iacet otiosa
    • to borrow money from some one: pecuniam mutuari or sumere mutuam ab aliquo
    • to lend money to some one: pecuniam alicui mutuam dare
    • to repay a loan: pecuniam creditam solvere
    • to demand payment: pecuniam exigere (acerbe)
    • to have a large income from a thing (e.g. from mines): magnas pecunias ex aliqua re (e.g. ex metallis) facere
    • finance; money-matters: ratio pecuniarum
    • money is outstanding, unpaid: pecunia in nominibus est
    • I have money owing me: pecuniam in nominibus habeo
    • credit and financial position: fides et ratio pecuniarum
    • to have pecuniary difficulties: laborare de pecunia
    • to be reduced to extreme financial embarrassment: in maximas angustias (pecuniae) adduci
    • to extort money from the communities: pecuniam cogere a civitatibus
    • the public income from the mines: pecunia publica, quae ex metallis redit
    • to embezzle money: avertere pecuniam (Verr. 2. 1. 4)
    • to accuse some one of malversation, embezzlement of public money: accusare aliquem peculatus, pecuniae publicae
    • to condemn some one to a fine: pecunia multare aliquem
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