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non- +‎ consensual


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non-consensual (comparative more non-consensual, superlative most non-consensual)

  1. Without permission, without consensus, with coercion, especially said of sexual relations
    • 2001. "Briefcase on Medical Law"
      MB's needle phobia rendered her temporarily incompetent and a non-consensual caesarean section would be lawful.
    • 2004. "Legal interaction between decisions of international organizations"
      Non-consensual decision-making process within organs of IOs The third interesting result of this research relates to the method of adoption of decisions of IOs as compared to international treaties.
    • 2011. "Clinical Forensic Medicine: A Physician's Guide"
      Nonconsensual Cunnilingus is alleged to have occurred in only 3–9% of reported sexual assaults
    My testimony was non-consensual as I was forced to rat on my husband since our same-sex marriage is not recognized.


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