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non- +‎ conformity


nonconformity (countable and uncountable, plural nonconformities)

  1. Refusal to conform to the doctrine, discipline, or practice of a state religion, especially refusal by other Protestants to conform to the doctrine or discipline of the Church of England; the principles or practice of nonconformists; nonconformists as a class.
    Synonyms: dissent, (rare) dissentism, inconformity, nonconformism, (obsolete, rare) nonconformitancy
    Antonym: conformity
    • 1618, John Donne, XXVI Sermons (Never Before Publish'd) Preached by That Learned and Reverend Divine John Donne, Doctor in Divinity, Late Dean of the Cathedral Church of St Pauls, London: The Third Volume, London, published 1661, page 25; republished as XXVI Sermons: The Third Volume Preached by That Learned and Reverend Divine John Donne [1], Ann Arbor, Michigan: Text Creation Partnership, [c. 2010s], retrieved November 30, 2022, page 25:
      Here then is S. Paul's Judaeus in abscondito, a Jew inwardly. Here is the true Recusant, and the true Non-conformitan; Au∣diunt, sed non faciunt: he comes to hear, but never comes to doe; there's Recusancy: he confesses that he hath received good instru∣ction, but he refufes to conform himself unto it; there's Non-con∣formity.
  2. Rejection of, or failure to conform to, a practice, standard, rule, or law.
    Synonyms: disconformity, inconformity, nonconformism
    Antonym: conformity
    • 1653, William Allen, Some Baptismal Abuses Briefly Discovered; or, A Cordial Endeavour to Reduce the Administration and Use of Baptism, to Its Primitive Purity […], London, page 79; republished Ann Arbor, Michigan: Text Creation Partnership, [c. 2010s], retrieved November 30, 2022, page 79:
      But as no man, that does acknowledg the Authority and Divinity of the Scriptures, can easily satisfie himself in living in the Breach of any of it's known rules and precepts, without the countenance and protection (such as it is) of some vain imagination, and deceitful reasoning or other, so is it in this case with some, who having no mind to this way of God (Bap∣tism I mean) though otherwise convinced of the nullity of In∣fant-baptism) have taken hold of certain delusive Pleas, where∣by to justifie their non-conformity to this rule of the Gospel, and Doctrine of Christ.
  3. (geology) A type of unconformity in which a non-sedimentary rock intrudes in sedimentary layers.


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