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Alternative forms[edit]


From non- +‎ sexual.


nonsexual (not comparable)

  1. Asexual; lacking sexual reproductive capabilities; neuter.
    • 1923, Practical Bacteriology, Blood Work and Animal Parasitology, page Edward Rhodes Stitt:
      In coccidiosis we have a sexual cycle (sporogony) alternating with a nonsexual one (schizogony).
    • 1923, The Ohio Journal of Science - Volumes 23-25, page 148:
      These primitive, nonsexual plants constitute the subkingdom Protophyta.
    • 1967, U.S. Forest Service Research Note PSW-N:
      It is probably indigenous in both Europe and North America. Spore forms.--The fungus has a nonsexual form (Dothistroma pini Hulbary) as well as a sexual form (Scirrhia pint Funk and Parker).
  2. Not involving sexuality or sexual arousal; platonic
    • 1995, Paul J. Strop, A Study of Male-female Intimate Nonsexual Friendships in the Workplace, page 115:
      The CIs were considered experts in the investigated topic insofar as it was expected that they could provide relevant and appropriate information about the construction and the significance of intimate, nonsexual female-male relationships.
    • 1997, Sexual Function in People with Disability and Chronic Illness, page 50:
      All too often chronically ill or disabled people are viewed as being nonsexual people by their family, friends, and even many medical professionals.
    • 1999, Joyce Vissell, Barry Vissell, The Heart's Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Growing Through Love:
      Both men and women often feel guilty about their need for nonsexual touch, as if there were something wrong with them for not being instantly sexually available to their partner.
    • 2003, Kathleen M. McGee, Laura J. Buddenberg, Unmasking Sexual Con Games: Helping Teens Avoid Emotional Grooming and Dating Violence, page 118:
      When we kiss someone, whether it is a sexual or nonsexual kiss, we often touch his or her face, head, or hair.
    • 2009, Susan Caringella, Addressing Rape Reform in Law and Practice, page 37:
      Still further, the percentage of cases plea bargained did not significantly differ between sexual and nonsexual assault offenses in the model state site (Caringella-MacDonald 1985).