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noodle +‎ -y


noodly (comparative more noodly, superlative most noodly)

  1. of or pertaining to noodles
  2. (music) involving improvisation
    • 1998 January 16, John Corbett, “Cradle of Electronica”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      He felt the pangs intensifying, as if the noodly, repetitive sounds were some lost language he'd known but forgotten, a dialect discarded or repressed.
    • 2002 May 17, Peter Margasak, “Cornershop”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Both of those albums contained lots of what's charitably called filler--in the form of noodly hip-hop-inspired loops that never went anywhere--and it took the band five years to release the new Handcream for a Generation (Wiija/Beggars Banquet).
  3. floppy, droopy
    • 2006 May 12, Liz Armstrong, Heather Kenny, “Big Imagination”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      A lot of her clothes move strangely: one dress has an exaggerated, uneven bustle, upon which is layered a long skirt made of elastic, resulting in a motion that Glaum-Lathbury describes as "wiggly and noodly."