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Alternative forms[edit]


north +‎ side


northside (plural northsides)

  1. The northern side of a building, street, area etc.
    • 1903, H. Henkenius, Guide through Heidelberg and its environs[1]:
      It consists of three stories with two gables both on the south- and northsides.
    • 1999, Brendan O'Carroll, The Mammy[2]:
      The retail section had two divisions - the southside and the northside - with Grafton Street being the main shopping street of the southside, and Henry Street and Moore Street the flagships of the northside.
    • 2008, The History of the Founding of the Legal Rights Center[3]:
      Alderman Joseph Greenstein, a member of the Minneapolis Qty Council representing the northside, published a ten-point proposal for improving the northside area.
    • 2010, Tom Keer, Flyfisher's Guide to the New England Coast[4], page 159:
      First, it is the access point to the northside of the famous Nauset Cut.


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