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From nunc (now; today) + diūs (day (archaic nominative)). Forming nunc diūs (tertius, etc.) est or "it is now the (third, etc.) day".



nudius (not comparable)

  1. (with an ordinal number) (...1) days ago; literally "it is now the day since"
    Nudius tertius.
    Day before yesterday. (It is now the third day)
    Nudius quartus.
    Day before the day before yesterday; three days ago. (Not four. Latin day counting included both endpoints; if three days ago is the first day, it is now the fourth day.)
    Nudius tertius decimus.
    Twelve days ago.
    Nam ego Lemno advenio Athenas nudius tertius.
    Now I reach Athens from Lemnos the day before yesterday.
    Nudius sextus cui talentum mutuum dedi, reposcam.
    It is now the sixth day since I demanded back the borrowed talent whom I have given.
    Heia, nudius quintus natus quidem ille est.
    Why, indeed it is now the fifth day since he was born.
    Recordamini qui dies nudius tertius decimus fuerit.
    Recollect what a day it was twelve days ago.
    Heri et nudius tertius, quartus, quintus, sextus...
    Yesterday and the day before yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that.
    Nudius tertius dedi ad te epistulam longiorem.
    I gave you the longer letter the day before yesterday.


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