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nut +‎ hugger; see nuts (testicles).


nuthugger (plural nuthuggers)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Briefs or other type of undergarment that has been designed with a minimal amount of fabric in the front center crotch pouch.
    • 1997, Jim Oliver, Closing Distance - Page 91
      Makes it sort of British." "God," Levee says, pointing across the bar. "Look at the ass on the guy with the nuthuggers." "What're nuthuggers?" "Where you been, Flowers? Bike pants. Green tank top."
    • 2002, Jen Sincero, Don't Sleep With Your Drummer - Page 110
      No can do. Yo no Speedo. It wins in my book for shock and obscenity value (with the tube top trailing behind at a very distant second). Also known as a nuthugger, banana hammock, or weenie wrapper.
    • 2008, Charles Austen, Like Warm Sun on Nekkid Bottoms - Page 344
      “Wait a minute. Why is Superman wearing pants, and this one is called Nuderman? This is Superman— not the pervert wearing red nuthuggers.
    • 2008, Shawn Hughes, Snagging a Badge; the Real Guide to Becoming a Police Officer, page 51
      No nuthugger shorts for the guys or sexy outfits for the women.
    • 2008, Josh Abraham, Underrated - Page 105
      He trailed only John Stockton but should get credit for compiling all his assists while not being compelled to wear the nuthugger shorts that were a Stockton signature.
    • 2012, Henry Owings, The Indie Cred Test, link
      Ironic '80s sweatband/nuthuggers ensemble, which doubles as an on stage outfit and triples as a crime fighting costume.