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From nycto- +‎ hylo- +‎ -phobia.


nyctohylophobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear of dark forests or wooded areas.
    • 2002, Country Life, Volume 196, page 88:
      Such was the great man's nyctohylophobia (fear of dark wooded places and forests) he divided his garden into a very formal area where he felt safer and rougher woodland of which he was fearful.
    • 2008, Bill Wonders, Orion Too, AuthorHouse (2008), ISBN 9781438904122, page 131:
      I didn't suffer from nyctohylophobia but if I did this would have been the time and place where I would have been reduced to a screaming pile of shot nerves on the forest floor.
    • 2013, Peter Young, Oak, Reaktion Books (2013), ISBN 9781780230375, page 118:
      Related to dendrophobia but less well known are hylophobia (fear of forests), nyctohylophobia (fear of dark wooded areas or forests at night) and xylophobia (fear of wooden objects).