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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *unþ-. Akin to Gothic unþa- (unþa-), Old English *und- (up to) (providing first element in such words as until, unto), Old Frisian and Old Saxon und (until), Old High German unzi, Gothic und (und, unto, until), Old English preposition (until, up to).



  1. Denoting separation or departure, from, away
    oþwendan "to turn away from, deprive"; ōþwindan "to get away, escape"
    oþberan "to carry off, carry away"
  2. to
    oþlengan "to belong (to), pertain (to)"
    oþíecan "to add to"
  3. Toward, in the direction of, at
    oþrīdan "to ride out or forth, proceed"
  4. Perfective; completely; intensifying an action
    oþstillan "to halt, stop, bring to a halt"

Usage notes[edit]

The prefix has two forms: a stressed form ūþ-, and unstressed oþ-