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obambulate +‎ -ion. From Latin obambulatio.


obambulation (countable and uncountable, plural obambulations)

  1. (obsolete) Wandering about; a casual outing.
    • 1600, Matthew Sutcliffe, A briefe replie to a certaine odious and slanderous libel ...[1], London: Arn. Hatfield, page 100:
      Their stationarie obambulations about the limits of parishes.
    • 1662, William Clark, Marciano; or, the Discovery[2], 1871 reprint edition, page 19:
      Let us then passe the Pomeridian hours in obambulation: for I am defatigate with session.
    • 1833, “Thespiana (pseudonym)”, in Penny Private Theatres[3], page 149:
      I joined him in one of our obambulations, to witness the performance of Macbeth, and a particular friend of my friend's friend was to sustain the principal character.

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