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Shortening of obviously.



obvs (comparative more obvs, superlative most obvs)

  1. (slang) obviously
    • 2008, Micol Ostow, Popular Vote
      Logan and Zoë had my number, obvs. But for once I wasn't sure that I wanted them to.
    • 2009 August 14, Benjamin Sutton and Henry Stewart, “What's That in the Sky? Is it a Spaceship? No, it's a Metaphor!”, in The L Magazine[1]:
      Like those blockbusters-with-sophisticated-allegorical-aspirations, District 9's greatest asset (beyond excellent visual effects, obvs) is its fascinating setting
    • 2010 December 20, 3am, “Paris never looks happier than when she’s got something between her legs”, in 3am[2]:
      The pictures in this particularly special collection show Ms H in a pink rubber catsuit (obvs) astride a motorbike