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Grapes affected by Erysiphe necator
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From Late Latin, from Ancient Greek ᾠόν (ōión, egg) +‎ -ium


oidium (plural oidia)

  1. A fragile spore produced by some fungi.
    • 2003 August, Competition Science Vision, page 802,
      Oidia are hyaline, small and thin-walled unicellular sections or fragments of the mycelium.
      Oidia may be uni- or binucleate as whether they are produced by the breaking up of the primary or secondary mycelium.
    • 2004, P.D. Sharma, The Fungi, page 241,
      However, in some forms mainly some Hymenomycetes it occurs by the formation of oidia. The oidia are of two main types.
    • 2006, A. V. S. S. Sambamurty, A Textbook of Plant Pathology, page 239,
      Later the pods become covered completely with white powdery mass composed of mycelium, oidiophores and oidia of the fungus.
  2. The fungus Erysiphe necator (= Uncinula necator), which produces powdery mildew in grapes.

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