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From on- +‎ bringing. Compare bring on. Compare also Dutch aanbrengen (to apply, fix, put up), German anbringen (to install, apply, put on).



onbringing (plural onbringings)

  1. A bringing on; an oncome; inducing; induction.
    • 1907, The American journal of obstetrics and diseases of women and children:
      Should it be requisite to remove both tubes a small portion of one ovary, on the less affected side, should be preserved, to obviate the sudden onbringing of an artificial menopause with its unpleasant sequelae.
  2. An ushering in.
    • 1864, Sabbath school teacher, Moral statistics of Glasgow in 1863:
      The church is God's appointed means for the salvation of the world, for the onbringing of the Millennium of peace and blessedness, and therefore must know the disease, in order skilfully to apply the remedy.



onbringing (comparative more onbringing, superlative most onbringing)

  1. Bringing on; transportive.
    • 1911, George Bertram de Betham- Kershaw, Modern methods of sewage purification:
      If this method of filling in the drain trenches with ashes is adopted, care should be taken that the drains are laid transversely to the slope of the ground, and that the onbringing carriers are placed just below the line of the underdrains, [...]