one-track mind

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one-track mind (plural one-track minds)

  1. (idiomatic) That said to be possessed by someone who is obsessed with something or only able to think of one thing.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:obstinacy
    He has a one-track mind. All he ever talks about is trains and railroads.
    • 1970, “Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter”, in Alline Bullock (lyrics), Workin’ Together, performed by Ike & Tina Turner:
      You're nothing but a dirty, dirty old man / You do your thinking with a one-track mind
    • 2018, “One Track Mind”, in AMERICA, performed by Thirty Seconds to Mars ft. A$AP Rocky:
      I have a one-track mind, I have a one track-mind / There is a method to the madness, to the madness / Gotta have a one-track mind


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