one thousand and one

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English numbers (edit)
 ←  1,000 1,001 1,100  → 
    Cardinal: one thousand and one, one thousand one, thousand and one, thousand one
    Ordinal: one thousand and first, thousand-and-first, thousand-first


one thousand and one (uncountable)

  1. The figure 1,001.
  2. A great many; numerous.
    Synonym: one hundred and one
    • 1907, League of Iowa Municipalities, Midland Municipalities, page 10:
      But poor fool, he did not know until that minute that there were one thousand and one reasons why a new building should not be assessed so much as an old one.
    • 1980, Pauline Hunt, Gender and Class Consciousness, page 27:
      The same as me, when I learnt the trade (in the pottery industry) there were one thousand and one things that seemed insignificant in that job, but they all amounted into one big thing.
    • 2000, James Vadackumchery, Police, Women and Gender Justice, page 71:
      The women have one thousand and one reasons/causes/factors /justifications for their indulgence in immoral traffic or prostitution.