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From Middle English anhealden (to retain), from Old English onhealdan (to hold, keep), equivalent to on- +‎ hold. Cognate with Dutch aanhouden (to persist, continue, retain) and onthouden (to withhold, retain), German anhalten (to stop, last, persist) and enthalten (to contain, include).


onhold (third-person singular simple present onholds, present participle onholding, simple past onheld, past participle onheld or onholden)

  1. (transitive, rare) To hold on (to).
    • 1882, Keningale Robert Cook, The king of Kent:
      She leaped and trembled; still onheld his gripe, And gnawed her waning life.
    • 2008, An Apple A day:
      Because of economic downturn, I onhold my dream first and use my lovely office's notebook IBM Thinkpad T60P as my best friend.
  2. (intransitive, rare) To hold on.
    • 1919, Middlesbrough (England). Education Committee, Proceedings:
      Resolved, That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Secondary Committee onheld 8 July, 1918, be and they are hereby confirmed.

Derived terms[edit]