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onomatopoeia +‎ -an


onomatopoeian (plural onomatopoeians)

  1. (obsolete) A word formed by onomatopoeia.
    • 1818, John Ray, “South and East Country Words”, in A compleat collection of English proverbs. To which is added, A collection of English words not generally used. Repr. verbatim from the ed. of 1768[1], London: T. and J. Allman, page 269:
      To slump; to slip, or fall plum down into any dirty, or wet place. It seems to he a word made per onomatopoeian from the sound.
    • 1860, Frederic William Farrar, “The Development of Roots”, in An essay on the origin of language: based on modern researches, and especially on the works of M. Renan[2], London: John Murray, page 109:
      We have already alluded to the root "ach," as having been in all probability an onomatopœian which gives rise, to a large number of cognate words in the Indo-European languages.


onomatopoeian (comparative more onomatopoeian, superlative most onomatopoeian)

  1. (obsolete) Of or pertaining to onomatopoeia.
    • 1867, Gail Hamilton, Wool-gathering[3], Boston: Ticknor and Fields, page 185:
      Hangs is a false word, — a Northern corruption of the negro dialect yang, — an onomatopœian word, representing the "far heard clang" of the wild goose.