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open-mouthed (comparative more open-mouthed, superlative most open-mouthed)

  1. (obsolete) Talkative; eager to speak.
    • 1606, William Perkins, The whole treatise of the cases of conscience [] [1], page 624:
      Againe, what is it that makes men to be open mouthed, in decla∣ring and censuring our faults [] ?
    • 1870, William Rathbone Greg, Political Problems for Our Age and Country, page 185:
      A politician who has been open-mouthed against extravagant expenditure is in no way called upon to object to expenditure which, even if increased, has ceased to be extravagant.
    • 1894 October 23, E. [Ellen] G. White, “Truth to be Rescued from Error”, in The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, volume 71, number 42, page 657:
      Men must be found who will not manifest anything but a Christ-like spirit when opposed by talkative, open-mouthed men who put light for darkness and darkness for light.
  2. With the mouth open.
  3. Gaping in surprise, wonder or astonishment.
    Synonym: agape