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From Ancient Greek, from ὄψον (ópson, delicacies) + φάγος (phágos, glutton); compare English opson, Latin obsonium.


opsophagos (plural opsophagoi)

  1. (literary or historical) A glutton, a gourmand, chiefly one who hogs and eats excessive amounts of fish.
    • 1995, John Wilkins, David Harvey, Mike Dobson, Food in Antiquity, page 209,
      How does this help us with the opsophagoi listed by Athenaeus′ comic poets and anecdotalists and their feats of consumption?
    • 2000, David Braund, John Wilkins, Athenaeus and His World: Reading Greek Culture in the Roman Empire, page 267,
      Thus, at the precise moment during the banquet when Myrtilus points out what should be understood as an opsophagos, it is fish that are brought to Larensis′ table.
    • 2012, Dan Brayton, Shakespeare′s Ocean: An Ecocritical Exploration, footnote, unnumbered page,
      25. James Davidson (Courtesans and Fishcakes) describes something similar in classical Athenian culture, a cultural association between the fish desired by the opsophagos, or fisheater, and the bodies of prostitutes (male and female).