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From French or moulu (literally: ground gold).


ormolu ‎(plural ormolus)

  1. Golden or gilded brass or bronze used for decorative purposes.


ormolu ‎(comparative more ormolu, superlative most ormolu)

  1. Made from golden or gilded brass or bronze.
    • 1888, Henry James, The Reverberator.
      At one of the ormolu tables, near a lamp with a pink shade, Gaston insisted on making at least a partial statement.


ormolu ‎(third-person singular simple present ormolus, present participle ormoluing, simple past and past participle ormolued)

  1. To decorate with gilded ormolu articles.
    • 1840, E.A.Poe, The Philosophy of Furniture
      But I have seen apartments in the tenure of Americans—men of exceedingly moderate means yet rara aves of good taste—which, in negative merit at least, might vie with any of the or-molued cabinets of our friends across the water.