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out- +‎ butcher


outbutcher (third-person singular simple present outbutchers, present participle outbutchering, simple past and past participle outbutchered)

  1. (transitive) To slaughter more people than.
    • 1863, Charles Reade, Hard Cash: A Matter-of-fact Romance:
      Adapted to the weakness of human nature, which receives with rivirince ideas however childish, that come draped in long-tailed and exotic words, that aasinine[sic] polysyllable has riconciled the modern mind to the chimeras of th' ancients, and outbutchered the guillotine, the musket, and the sword:
    • 1934, Michigan Christian Advocate - Volume 61, Issue 51, page 8:
      Thus, the car in the United States outbutchers the bloody shambles of Mars when matched against our soldiers killed in the World War.
    • 2015, Laurie Evan Owen, Kinch: a tally of unravellings, →ISBN, page 63:
      Maxentius and his men were bundled over the low walls, plunging into spume and gore, dragged down by their armour to perish in icy roils of rivermud: – outflanked, out-thought, outbutchered, by a golden-haired braggart Apollo in a blaze of piety.
  2. (transitive) To do a better job than, in carving up an animal into cuts of meat.
    • 1998, Dana Stabenow, Killing Grounds, →ISBN, page 9:
      The aunties' knives had long, slender, wickedly sharp blades with handles carved variously of wood, bone and antler, with which they outbutchered even Old Sam, who had only been doing this for a living for sixty years.