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From Afrikaans.




outjie (plural outjies)

  1. (South Africa) A boy; a guy.
    • 2003, Antony Sher, I.D., Act 1, Scene 10, page 38,
      I tell you my outjie, out there even the pigeons are anti-apartheid.
    • 2005, Graham K. Jooste, Rugby Stories from the Platteland, page 146,
      Some outjies slept until the sun was high, then went home.
    • 2012, Ashraf Kagee, Khalil′s Journey, page 111,
      She thinks I′m crazy, he thought. She wouldn′t marry me if I were the last outjie available. She wants a whiter bloke, with more money, and whose ears don't stick out so much.

Related terms[edit]