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From oval +‎ -ine. Compare opaline.


ovaline (comparative more ovaline, superlative most ovaline)

  1. (nonstandard) Synonym of oval: having an elongated round shape.
    • 1862, "Mr. Axtell", The Atlantic Monthly, volume 10, page 447:
      Obeying the mighty behest, I beheld, and an ovaline picture, painted in the artistry of heaven, let down from the crystalline walls, that I might not see, and held fast by a cord of gold, safe in an angel's keeping, God had sent for me to look upon.
    • 1994, Tito Perdue, The New Austerities, p. 33:
      He took two bottles, one of which held an ovaline pill that was faintly pink and bore a label on it with a picture of the moon.
    • 2013, Steve Moody, The Gossamer Intervention, page 272:
      Passing the large, ovaline swimming pool with its pretty little wooden bridge that connected the adult swimming and children's splashing areas, they skirted along the sea-side edge of the main hotel and then veered to the right when they came to the croquet lawn.