over time

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over time

  1. From a historic or evolutionary perspective
    "This graph shows the population of California over time."
  2. Happening gradually, as the time passes.
    • 2003, Stephen A. Mitchell, Can Love Last?: The Fate of Romance over Time, W. W. Norton & Company (ISBN 9780393078480), page 55
      There are surely relationships in which romantic passion dies over time; the price of abandoning them is often less than the price of endless years spent in resuscitation efforts.
    • 2008, Can Attachment Explain Individual Differences in Cognitive Functioning Over Time?: Results from a 12-year Cohort-sequential Study, ProQuest (ISBN 9780549498704), page 26
      It also appears that the older with less education score initially better than the young with higher education, but over time, the young appear to surpass them.