over time

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Prepositional phrase[edit]

over time

  1. From a historic or evolutionary perspective
    "This graph shows the population of California over time."
  2. Happening gradually, as the time passes.
    • 2003, Stephen A. Mitchell, Can Love Last?: The Fate of Romance over Time, W. W. Norton & Company →ISBN, page 55
      There are surely relationships in which romantic passion dies over time; the price of abandoning them is often less than the price of endless years spent in resuscitation efforts.
    • 2008, Can Attachment Explain Individual Differences in Cognitive Functioning Over Time?: Results from a 12-year Cohort-sequential Study, ProQuest →ISBN, page 26
      It also appears that the older with less education score initially better than the young with higher education, but over time, the young appear to surpass them.