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over- +‎ budget


overbudget (comparative more overbudget, superlative most overbudget)

  1. Costing more than budgeted
    • 2009 June 12, Lauren Krugel, “ExxonMobil is backing TransCanada Alaska line”, in Toronto Star[1]:
      TransCanada and Exxon are involved in another major Arctic pipeline, the long-stalled and overbudget Mackenzie Gas Project in northern Canada.
    • 2008 August 10, Dave Itzkoff, “Spoof Within a Movie Within a Movie Within ...”, in New York Times[2]:
      There’s the overbudget, out-of-control drama about the Vietnam War, starring the washed-up action hero Tugg Speedman, the drug-addled comedian Jeff Portnoy and the Oscar-winner Kirk Lazarus, a white Australian actor who has undergone repigmentation surgery to play a black American solider.
    • 2006 September 22, Ben Joravsky, “All the King's Aldermen”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      The mayor's control of the big stuff has been responsible, in recent years, for the hideous rehab of Soldier Field, the construction of the vastly overbudget Millennium Park, the destruction of a municipal airport under cover of darkness, the continued rise in property taxes, the overpriced and much delayed Brown Line reconstruction (which is causing long delays on the Red Line), and the Pink Line addition coming at the expense of other services on the west side, as well as sweeping education and public housing policy changes that allowed Daley appointees to hold thousands of kids back or kick thousands of families out of their homes.


overbudget (third-person singular simple present overbudgets, present participle overbudgeting, simple past and past participle overbudgeted)

  1. To budget a greater amount that is needed.