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owl +‎ bear. Coined by Gary Gygax in the 1970s for Dungeons & Dragons.


owlbear (plural owlbears)

  1. (fantasy) A monstrous creature resembling a bear with a beak.
    • 1997, "Terence Fergusson", Murphy's Laws of NetHack (on newsgroup rec.games.roguelike.nethack)
      I don't usually survive long enough to get surrounded by owlbears []
    • Maia Jacomus, Loki: Why I Began the End
      He played stupid—he looked at my scars and feigned confusion as he dropped the kindling.
      “What happened?” he asked.
      “An owlbear attacked,” I answered wryly. He sat down with us, and between their powers, I started to heal.