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Etymology 1[edit]

  • own ‎(to have rightful possession of) +‎ -age


ownage ‎(uncountable)

  1. (archaic, rare) ownership
    • 1576, Abraham Flemming (translating Pisistratus), A panoplie of epistles
      I Alone, of all the Graecians, haue not obteined the estate of a Monarche by extertion, neither haue I taken any thing, that was not mine owne by vsurpation: for I am by byrth, a Cecropian, I challenge that vnto me by right of ownage, ...

Etymology 2[edit]

  • own ‎(to defeat, overwhelm) +‎ -age


ownage ‎(uncountable)

  1. (slang) triumph or domination
  2. (baseball) When one player has a history of domination over another player.
    • Smith is just 1-27 lifetime against Jones. Jones has real ownage over him.