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Zirņu pāksts


From Proto-Baltic *pāš-, from the same stem as paksis (corner junction): Proto-Indo-European *paḱ- (to link, to strengthen; joining, connection). In Latvian, an original *pās- lead to *pāstis (with an extra suffix -t), from which pākstis with an epenthetic k. Semantic evolution: “joint, connection” > “elongated seed cover with two connecting edges” > “dry fruit that opens along lengthwise cracks.” An etymological connection with Russian пасть (pastʹ, (animal) throat) has been suggested.[1]


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pāksts f (6th declension)

  1. (botany) pod (a seed case for peas, beans, peppers, etc.)
    sojas, zirņu, piparu pākstissoybean, pea, pepper pod
    izlobīt pupas no pākstīmto shuck, shell beans from the pods
    vārīt pupas ar visām pākstīmto boil beans with (their) whole pods



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