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paddle +‎ boat


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paddleboat (plural paddleboats)

  1. (nautical) A boat propelled by a paddle wheel
    • 2009 February 12, “Weir gate fault drains city lake”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      It also caused major problems for businesses which relied on the lake and river, including the city's paddleboat operator and the river cruise company.
  2. (nautical, US, Canada, Australia) a pedalo
    • 1996 April 2, Lisa Merakis, “Two women found floating in paddleboat — 400 miles from shore!”, in Weekly World News, →ISSN, page 33, [satirical]:
      Naval sources report the amazing rescue of two 65-year-old women who were found floating 400 miles off the coast of California — in a tiny paddleboat!
    • 2010, Anne Anderson, Insiders' Guide® to the Greater Tampa Bay Area (Insiders' Guide Series), Rowman & Littlefield, →ISBN, page 70:
      Outdoors, guests can take a paddleboat and pedal their way around shaded waterways filled with swans and Nile perch

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