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From pamphlet +‎ -eer



pamphleteer (plural pamphleteers)

  1. a writer or publisher of pamphlets, a second-rate journalist
    • 1713: Jonathan Swift, The Journal to Stella
      The Commons are very slow in bringing in their Bill to limit the press, and the pamphleteers make good use of their time; for there come out three or four every day.
    • 1891: Oscar Wilde, Intentions
      but Charles Reade, an artist, a scholar, a man with a true sense of beauty, raging and roaring over the abuses of contemporary life like a common pamphleteer or a sensational journalist, is really a sight for the angels to weep over.



pamphleteer (third-person singular simple present pamphleteers, present participle pamphleteering, simple past and past participle pamphleteered)

  1. (intransitive) To publish and distribute pamphlets as a form of propaganda.