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Etymology 1[edit]


pandy (countable and uncountable, plural pandies)

  1. A fulling mill.
  2. (Ireland, informal) mashed potatoes

Etymology 2[edit]

From Latin pande (hold out), imperative of pandere (to hold out).


pandy (third-person singular simple present pandies, present participle pandying, simple past and past participle pandied)

  1. (transitive) To strike on the palm of the hand with a strap as a school punishment.
    • 1917, James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
      Father Dolan came in today and pandied me because I was not writing my theme.
    • 2007, Sydney Bernard Smith, Alexander the Careerist, ISBN 1903105471, page 125:
      "Pandies," he said. "I bet you...How many boys here...How many of ye - would sooner be pandied rather than endure dentention.?"


pandy (plural pandies)

  1. A slap on the palm of the hand with a strap.
    • 1833, John Kennedy, Geordie Chalmers; or, the Law in Glenbuckie., page 197:
      They maun be kindly, coothy, an'commanding -- also severe. Carry sweeties i' their pouches as weel as taws, an' gie them fairings as weel as pandies. In short, they maun be able to endure privations of every sort.
    • 1917, James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man:
      During all the years he had lived among them in Clongowes and in Belvedere he had received only two pandies and, though these had been dealt him in the wrong, he knew that he had often escaped punishment.
    • 2007, Sydney Bernard Smith, Alexander the Careerist, ISBN 1903105471, page 79:
      Rafferty said it was good practice & it wouldtoughen you up so you didn't feel pandies.
  2. (by extension, slang) Hand.
    • 1998 July 30, Ron O'Brien, “Beta 4.0 v8 soon expires, then what?”, in, Usenet:
      OK? so I'll slap my pandies and you can all cower down into your anoraks and we'll leave on non-speaking terms!
    • 2005 June 29, DannyT, “Daft New Shirts Q”, in alt.sports.spurs, Usenet:
      Spurs in the navy shirts with yellow shorts (as QPR played in white shorts), many of the players wearing red mittens to keep their pandies warm!
    • 2017 August 24, abelard, “anybody can tell me why unturned red soil goes light yellow(sand coloured)?”, in uk.politics.misc, Usenet:
      thanx...bit by bit mine knowledge of the universe expands. that sounds like heavy labour...and my pandies will get dirty

Etymology 3[edit]

After a corruption of Mangal Pandey, who started the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

Alternative forms[edit]


pandy (plural pandies)

  1. A mutineer.
    • 1998 July 13, mike weber, “What Story Would You Like To See The Most????????”, in, Usenet:
      But, as my friend Dennis Dolbear has pointed out, if Flashy were truly the Utter Bastard he wants to paint himself/see himself as, after they got him down off the muzzle of that gun, he'd have gone "Right -- where's the Surgeon for my broken arm and the Officer's Mess for a quick gin or two? Oh, and carry on the good work, Lieutenant." and walked away not paying a bit of attention as the other pandies were blown from the guns.
    • 1999 December 19, MR LINGA, “Brahmin reporters fret over Tamil prowess”, in soc.culture.tamil, Usenet:
      The manu guy in one of his reply to madurai veeran said that all pandies would have been "iruddu" pandies if not for the Namboodries, his obvious reference to the Brahmin blood lightning the dark colour of the original Dark Dravidian Tamils.
    • 2015, Paul Fraser Collard, The Lone Warrior, ISBN 1472222725:
      He blew forty prisoners from the mouths of his cannon to make the damn pandies understand the fate that awaits them.

Etymology 4[edit]

Blend of pander +‎ bandy

  1. To distribute or publicize, especially in order to curry favor.
    • 1994 June 13, R S Rodgers, “What OS/2 needs to win”, in comp.os.os2.advocacy, Usenet:
      I'm sure MS would have been ecstatic if the Win3.1 crowd had adopted NT, and I'll agree that they never did anything to quash the notion pandied about by a variety of magazines that NT was going to inherit the Windows desktop, but I don't recall seeing *any* MS claims of that nature, including the ads they were running that mentioned NT before NT was released.
    • 1997 July 30, Allen, “newbie question”, in alt.psychology.personality, Usenet:
      Just because your ilk control the Americal school system and is pandied to by the press for the sake of having conflict to write about, don't ever assume that you are even close to a majority on the planet.
    • 2007 May 28, Moog, “Beckham”, in, Usenet:
      Instead he pandied to the press, the support and thought it would make him look tough. It achieved nothing and he should have played Beckham.



pandy f

  1. genitive singular of panda
  2. nominative plural of panda
  3. accusative plural of panda
  4. vocative plural of panda