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panty +‎ -ed


pantied (not comparable)

  1. (often in combination) Dressed in panties.
    • 1983, Nancy Milford, Zelda: a Biography:
      Finally the dancer in question turned her back to the audience, lifted her grass skirt over her head for a quick view of her pantied posterior []
    • 1991, Deborah Smith, Miracle:
      Deliberately settling atop his groin, she pressed her cotton-pantied crotch against him and wiggled.
    • 2006, Rod Waleman, The Stepdaughters:
      With the jeans part way down and the upper slopes of her white-pantied bottom exposed, Penny gasped as Mark's knuckles grazed her bare stomach.
    • 2007, Shirley Conran, Lace:
      [] black-satin, sophisticated woman-of-the-world, or a demure, white-pantied, schoolgirl virgin.
    • 2008, Chris Adrian, A Better Angel:
      I would rather he was a brown-pantied little fascist Brownie than a Cub Scout but better neither than either.