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paper mill (plural paper mills)

  1. A factory devoted to making paper from wood pulp and other ingredients.
  2. An organization that unethically sells pre-written papers to students.
    Synonym: essay mill
    • 2010, Rosemarie Menager, Lyn Paulos, Quick Coach Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism, →ISBN, page 13:
      Similarly, buying papers from paper mills, or paying for someone else to write a paper, is obviously dishonest and is a clear example of plagiarizing.
  3. An organization that produces large volumes of poor-quality or forged research papers.
    Coordinate term: content mill
    • 2023 May 31, Layal Liverpool, “AI intensifies fight against ‘paper mills’ that churn out fake research”, in Nature[1], →DOI:
      Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are complicating publishers’ efforts to tackle the growing problem of paper mills — companies that produce fake scientific papers to order.

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