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para- +‎ cosmos


paracosmos (plural paracosmoses)

  1. (rare) The realm of imagination; an imaginary world.
    • 1961, The American Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 117, page 96:
      Day dreaming and fantasies which are flights into the paracosmos, are an antithesis of creativity which is the most intense land of action.
    • 1975, Molière and the Commonwealth of Letters: Patrimony and Posterity (eds. Roger Johnson, Editha S. Neumann, & Guy T. Trail), University Press of Mississippi (1975), page 421:
      More simply stated, the paracosmos reflects a writer's interest in examining a (generally) rather small number of persons, or types of persons, in a variety of circumstances and relationships: he has marked out a portion of the world as his own and works upon it to make it his.
    • 2011, Claire Golomb, The Creation of Imaginary Worlds: The Role of Art, Magic and Dreams in Child Development, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2011), →ISBN, page 80:
      Such artists tend to create an imaginary world, a paracosmos where good and evil are starkly represented, where evil powers always challenge the good ones and need to be vanquished time and again.