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Alternative forms[edit]


peccan (plural peccans)

  1. Alternative form of pecan (tree).
    • 1841, George Catlin, “Letter No. 9”, in The North American Indians[1] (History), Reprint edition, Digital Scanning Inc., published 2001, →ISBN, page 68:
      —where the oak and the pine give way to the cotton-wood and peccan
    • 1866, Captain Flack, “Bee Hunting”, in A Hunter's Experiences in the Southern States of America[2], Reprint edition, Applewood Books, published 2008, →ISBN, page 354:
      It's gone straight for that peccan tree, …
  2. Alternative form of pecan (nut).
    • 1835, Charles Latrobe, “The Indian Mounds”, in Rambler in North America, Volume 2[3], Reprint edition, Applewood Books, published 2007, →ISBN, page 239:
      … the spicewood, the pawpaws and peccan-nuts, ...