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From pedant +‎ -ly.


pedantly (comparative more pedantly, superlative most pedantly)

  1. In a pedantic manner.
    Synonym: pedantically
    • 1855, Maturin Murray Ballou, The Turkish Spies:
      Gloucester, the hive of industry, the delicious village pedantly named city, with its loom and shuttle music; and how does the glorious Philadelphia look from this point?
    • 1910, The Bookseller, volume 53, page 23:
      Till she was twenty - eight years she paid most attention to art , and though one can hardly say she was ever a great artist , she at least realised the ideals of her age , and produced the pedantly accurate transcripts of life as it appeared at the time.
    • 2001, Julie A. Jacko, CHI ... Conference Proceedings[1]:
      It seems that there is not much effect if the model is followed pedantly (the bars with R, viz. Researcher).
    • 2021, Renata W. Müller, The Protector 2:
      I'm kneeling in front of the open suitcase, sinking elbow-deep into the pedantly folded clothes, when I spot the two pairs of leather shoes beside me.